The Investigation of Bank Century

Secret site that resembles the famous site Wikileaks issued a new leak, this time related to the case of the Century. Indoleaks, today released a document entitled 'The Investigation of Bank Century' as recent leaks from the site who claim to be the answer to the deadlock information in Indonesia.

Visitors can download or open the document by visiting indoleaks or view it via
Century document, published by Indoleaks a copy of the original and still contains the initials on each page as a function checker authorities. Authenticity is still uncertain, but from the view that published the results of scanning a document likely to be true copy of the original.

In contrast to the clear Wikileaks founders anonymous, Indoleaks deliberately hiden identity from the public. Their purpose is to display all the leaked information during this break the deadlock.

"Especially the information likely to be a boomerang for the authorities, politicians and other evil people in Indonesia. Indoleaks trying to pick and choose which documents should be publicly known, collections of hundreds Indoleaks,

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