Markus Horison joint exercises and Irfan Bachdim, Oktovianus

Indonesian national team goalkeeper Markus Horison, became one of the players who appeared full since the beginning of the preliminary round Group A, AFF Cup 2010. No doubt the condition of Mark in the final fight will be sufficient cause for concern.

Goalkeeper's Persib Bandung Indonesia is playing when the Spartans finished the Philippine resistance in the first leg semi-final match and the second. At the second meeting, several times Mark had lying on the ground due to an opposing player fouled.

Reportedly, Mark suffered a shoulder injury due to falls in taking a position, on the second leg semi-final match. But, Mark's condition was only a minor injury and otherwise could appear in the final against Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta on 26 and 29 December.

While the striker Irfan Bachdim also fit and no problems. Irfan was absent in the semi-final second leg. His position was replaced by young striker Yong Aribowo. Only, the word Utina and Oktovianus Maniani, still undergoing serious treatment. The retainer Garuda aware that the final game will remain different from the game when they can easily bend Malaysia 5-1 in the preliminary round.

The players seem to not want to brag, because of excessive self-confidence can be bumerang.Sikap is not much different from the coach, Alfred Riedl. Austria coach is asking the players are not too confident.

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